The 6th Symposium on Hybrid RANS-LES Methods will take place in Strasbourg, France, from 26 to 28 September 2016.

Hybrid RANS-LES methods have been increasingly used as a powerful engineering modelling approach in computations for complex turbulent flows in industrial aerodynamic applications.

Covering fundamentals of modelling flow physics and applications to industrial flow problems, the Symposium addresses the most recent and new developments on advanced URANS and hybrid RANS-LES methods in general, as well as other novel modelling approaches enabling turbulence-resolving simulations.

The 6th Symposium provides an unique open forum for researchers and industrial engineers to exchange knowledge, to discuss new solutions of flow problems and to present recent achievements in development and applications of hybrid RANS-LES methods - including modelling of flow physics and related numerical issues.

The 6th Symposium encourages to present new emerging ideas that may inspire future developments and applications of hybrid RANS-LES methods for improved computational accuracy and efficiency in industrial needs.














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