Main topics

The 6th Symposium offers again the opportunity to communicate and exchange knowledge for academic researchers, graduate students, industrial engineers, as well as industrial R&D managers and consultants working in the fields of turbulent-flow modelling, simulations and measurements, and multidisciplinary CFD applications, such as flow control, aero-acoustics, aero-elasticity and any CFD-based multidisciplinary optimisation.

The main conference topics are :

  • Advanced unsteady RANS (URANS) modelling
  • Improved hybrid RANS-LES methods and other novel turbulence-resolving modelling approaches
  • Embedded LES (ELES)
  • Wall-modelled LES (WMLES)
  • LES for high-Re-number turbulent flows and/or for industrial applications with complex geometry
  • Comparative studies of hybrid RANS-LES and/or other turbulence-resolving simulations
  • Modelling-related numerical issues (including high-order numerical schemes)
  • Lattice-Bolzman methods and turbulence-resolving applications
  • Industrial applications of hybrid RANS-LES methods
  • Commercial CFD software exhibition/demonstration
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